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Defined as any amount of flammable material, explosive or corrosive.


please do not send these products to your address in miami us.
can not be shipped and must bear costs of destruction or return to vendor




1 Such products include but are not limited to: 2
  Ammunition and firearms   Lighters  
  Any alcohol as the first itemingrediente   Batteries contain dangerous chemicals or are good  
  Cleaning Solutions   poisons  
  Gas   Pressurized containers  
  Fireworks and gunpowder   Fósforos  
  Tear gas or pepper   Gas powered tools  




Defined as small amounts of personal care items



these packages will ship every 15 days.
additional charge per package: $ 18.00 + vat

These items include but are not limited to:





  Deodorants   Nail Polish  
  Beauty Powder
  Aerosol containers  
  Beauty Products   Oil Candles
  Gels   Non-corrosive cleaning solutions  
  Sweetening, flavoring or coloring foods.   mouthwash  




How I can desalmacenar a package with CIF value greater than $ 1,000?



If you have a package held up in Customs whose CIF value is greater than $ 1,000 must file an individual policy with mundopaquete.com or with the Customs Agency of your choice.





Are my packages and buy pay taxes in my country?



Yes, all packages entering the country must go through Customs where they pay import duties determined by law. However, World Package done in most cases the Customs handling procedures, just make sure that your package has an attached invoice so prealertar always recommend your packages and attach your invoice. More information about Customs handling here.







Defined as any amount of flammable material, explosive or corrosive.
Products requiring permission from the Board of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health or Ministry of Defence:



limitation thereof may be local or need special permits to enter the country. please contact customer service for more information




  Creams, perfumes and cosmetics   Seeds
  Medical   Radio controls and radar
  Explosives and ammunition
  Weapons (including paintball guns)   Sustancias tóxicas
  Food and drinks   wood
  live animals   Precursors and chemicals  
  Spray products or damaging the ozone layer   Furs and animal products  
  Merchandise with energy efficiency   Medicines, drugs and narcotics  
  Items of extraordinary value   Toothpaste, Oral ejuague, shampoo, etc..  





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